The Dogfather Truck
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"the Dogfather has quickly cornered the market on the quick-serve hot-dog lunch, with a giant menu of exciting and original dogs"
Michael Brazell in his article in Worcester Magazine. 
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"The Whitey" and the "frito pie" are awesome! Great concoctions!!!!"
Dave V. Worcester, MA
"When I told my wife we were driving nearly 12 miles from home for a hotdog, she probably thought I was crazy. But it was definitely worth the drive - several times!"

Roy W. on our facebook page.
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"I tried the Dogfather today and had some amazing hotdogs!!!! Worth the trip."

News and Reviews for The Dogfather Truck
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"But i have to tell you this guy can make some chili. it is fantastic"
John O., Worcester, MA on Yelp
I am spoiled now and will never get my hotdogs anywhere else!
Donna R. Nashua, NH
"First time my husband and I had visited was today. He went back for another after already eating 2 and a 1/2 a cup of chili. Big hit in this house. Can't believe we didn't go sooner!"

"The undertaker will always have a special place in my heart as the most genius hot dog ever devised​."
Hillarie J. on our facebook page.
Nick W. Ontario, Canada
"Visiting from Virginia, Second annual trip to the Dogfather....many more to come!"

Kirsten on our facebook page.