The Dogfather Truck
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Mark Gallant
Owner, Lord Emperor of Hotdog Nation, Raconteur, Bon-Vivant, Head Chef. 
"Treat every customer like a friend. Nobody goes away unhappy"
About The Dogfather
It all started with  a bowl of chili. 
Once upon a time, in hotdogland, a few friends were sitting around eating the best chili they had ever had. When it was suggested that the chili was too good not to share with all the good subjects of hotdog nation, the idea of a food truck was born. After much consideration, and more than a few beers, the rag-tag group went on a search for the perfect truck.

On January 16th, 2010 the big green truck was first spotted at 84 Holden St.  in Worcester, MA. The first few months were only a few days a week, but as word spread that The Dogfather made the best chili in the land, and he would put just about anything on a Kayem hotdog, the hours were expanded. In April of 2011 he went full time and has not looked back since. 

The Dogfather is family-owned and operated right here in Worcester, MA. Other trucks may offer similar products, but none of them come with our commitment to quality and originality. Every hotdog is made to order and must be perfect every time.

The self-proclaimed Lord Emperor of Hotdog Nation, Mark Gallant, is constantly creating new and exotic hotdog recipes. He has a proprietary method of cooking the Kayem natural casing hotdogs that seals in the juices and makes them pop with flavor and freshness.  

A challenge is thrown out to all subjects of hotdog nation...The Cement Overcoat.
This beast of a hotdog contains 3 hotdogs, 2 slices of cheese, 2 spoonfuls of The Dogfather's famous chili, 10 slices of Pepperoni, sweet peppers, diced onions and mustard all sandwiched between two flattened and grilled hotdog buns and wrapped in foil. Our reigning champion, Mike S., has eaten five of these in one sitting. Do you have what it takes to unseat him? Eat six or more and secure your place in hotdog folklore.
Interested in learning more?
Committed to making the perfect hotdog for every customer, every time!
And now..
Our current champion with 6!
History of The Cement Overcoat
First some folks ate one
Then Adam, Kurt and  Ryan ate two
Then Kurt ate three
Then Dustin ate 4
Now you've got to eat 7!
Then Mike at 5